Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Santa Ynez Syrah

Tonight we drank a bottle of 2006 Beckman Syrah.  Beckman is one of the wineries Rachel and I found together and have enjoyed quite a bit.  One of our favorites is always Beckman's Cuvee Le Bec, a lovely blend.  Of course blends tend to work better as the winemaker can balance the taste with whatever grapes they have.

Their Syrah is very good, although it went much better with ribs than drinking it alone.  By itself, it was a bit heavy and oaked.  However once we had it with the BBQ Ribs we had for dinner, it really tasted great.  At $17 at Beverage Warehouse, it's pretty good stuff.  

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Melissa said...

Hello. Alcohol makes me sick. I think champagne is all I can drink that doesn't make me super sick. But I just wanted to say "hi" and tell you I visited your blog! (-: