Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Aussie wine that barks?

Well, this one is is a bit of a head scratcher.  We tried one of the myriad of big, cleverly-named Australian wines, 2006 Reilly's Barking Mad Shiraz ($14 at Lincoln Fine Wines).  The nose was fairly typical Aussie shiraz - big, hot, juicy, dark, earthy.  And the taste was initially there, stewed fruit, spiciness and some significant acidity.  But then it sort of died and tastes kind of dirty and blah. However it was smooth.  Decanting it seemed to help significantly, but not make it something I would buy again.


Ian Johnson said...

I heard of your blog through Amy. I look forward to reading your write-ups on wines and your experiences. Now, how do I say this without sounding like a pompous ass? This is just friendly advise. Avoid the word 'smooth' at all costs.
Good luck with your blog.

Kirkland Moody said...

Thanks Ian - duly noted. No "smooth." Oh crap, can I use the word duly? ;)

Ian Johnson said...

Hey Kirkland. I'm really not trying to be the word police. It's just that wine is so subjective that it is usually smart to use words and terminology that cannot be misunderstood. Smooth means very different things to different people. Smooth could mean soft as in tannin or soft as in the sweetness or R.S. or alcohol. Much of the time smooth is used when people quite like a wine but don't know how to describe why. Or they may use smooth to 'smooth things over' as in "this wine smelled like hot steaming horse droppings and tasted like rotting twigs...but it was smooth!"
Anyway, go ahead and use the word, but let me know what it means to you as I'll be keeping up with your blog. And I quite like the word duly, it has a tone of British arrogance that always works well in the wine world.