Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Not So Royal Wine

This evening's wine was a 2004 Kings Ridge blend of Syrah (67%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (33%).  The grapes come from the Columbia Valley in Washington, however the winemaker is in Oregon. Priced at $10 from LA Wine Co., who knows how it will be.

Well, it's a good weeknight wine.  Nothing flashy, nice fruit, quite a bit of spice and alcohol (14.25%) on the nose.  Good flavors, dark fruit and spice, a little imbalanced - tasted like the Syrah and Cab weren't playing together nicely for some reason.  Not over-oaked, thank goodness.

Just because I love the descriptions the wineries supply about their own wines, here's the description of this one...This is a wine with incredible depth and structure highlighted by juicy fruit and pronounced spice. Our 2004 Syrah Cabernet is made in a Rhone style with bigger, riper fruit that truly reflects the vintage. Beautiful aromas of dark cherries, hyacinth, brown sugar, nutmeg and clove fill the nose. The mouth shows bright cherry flavors integrated with coffee bean, pomegranate and plum, followed by a long finish laced with cinnamon.

Gotta love wineries.  It's good, just didn't excite me.

According to some digging around online, their pinot noir is supposed to be pretty good - I bought a bottle of that too - we shall have to check that out soon!

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