Monday, December 15, 2008

Aussie pinot?

I think this is the first Australian Pinot Noir we've ever tried.  At least that I recall.  Like I said, we drink a lot.  Tonight's bottle is Mornington Estate 2005 Pinot Noir ($17 at Bristol Farms) from the Mornington Peninsula.  Having never heard of Mornington Peninsula, I looked it up in "Oz Clarke's New Wine Atlas" (best book ever).  Located in the Victoria area on Port Phillip Bay, the book says it is windy with maritime stability creating wines which are light in texture but have intense fruit.  OK then.

As I'm always on the hunt for tasty pinot noir for under $20, I was really hoping it would be good... and it was!  Textbook pinot noir, for my nose and palate.  Nothing fancy, not uber-complex, but really tasty, nice quality pinot noir.  I think anyone could enjoy this one.  On the smell, you get a little of the cherry and "funk" I like in a pinot noir.  Even a little smoky.  Taste is silky, very fruity (the book was right) and basically yummy.  Medium length on the finish.  Very much recommend this one - it will certainly go into our regular drinking rotation.  

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