Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Carneros Pinot Noir Part 2

We drank one of our regular wines tonight, a 2006 Artesa Pinot Noir ($20 at Beverage Warehouse and available at many Grocery Stores.)  This one is also from the Southern Napa area of Carneros (like the Clos du Val Pinot Noir.) We like this one a lot - discovered it while on a trip in Napa Valley - went to their tasting room and enjoyed it, although we were not fans of many of their other wines - the only other one we liked was the blend called "Elements."  I'll have to post on that one sometime.  The best part was finding this wine in a few restaurants while in Napa for about $22-25... at the restaurant!  Amazing.

Anyway.... very solid pinot noir.  Great nose, nice cherry flavors, nice length.  Not super complex or earthy or deep.  Just very nice pinot noir for $20.  Excellent for the money.  There's maybe 6-8 Pinot Noirs we've had under $20 that we'd recommend, and this is one of them.  Happy drinking!

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