Monday, November 30, 2009

Fetish for Wine!

A new wine tonight... 2006 Fetish - The Watcher! Exotic, right? It has a nifty label and comes from Australia, the Barossa Valley to be exact. I've been a little suspect of the wines that come from Australia that have seemed to have spent more time on clever labels and names than on wine. But happily, this one happily contradicts that suspicion. And it comes from wine maker Rolf Binder (and Joshua Tree Imports) who has a reputation for making good wines.

This is Shiraz with great medium/dark berry flavors, cherry, black plums and sweet spices. A little tobacco. Good news is it doesn't finish as a palate whomper, as many of the Aussie reds do. Nice even, long finish. Very structured.

Rachel found this at Cost Plus for about $14, but it goes for much more at other wine shops, up to $23. Please drink and enjoy!

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